Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ngozi Wins Another Monarch: Inter Commercial House 2014

It was certainly a night to remember. All geared up and excited, accompanied by #teamturningpoint #teamngozi. We were focused on doing our best to communicate the message of "addiction being a disease" very clearly. I got into character as an alcoholic, did some deep breathing to fight the nerves. All I know is, I went out there and gave it my best, representing the Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, "Turning Point" with pride. We all gave it our best and victory was ours in the end. I really felt the love from all #teamhealth supporters. After my performance I said hello to Ricky T and he told me that it was great performance and he was supporting me. Great hearing that from the most successful soca calypso artiste from St. Lucia. :)

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