Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jazz @ The Cave Hosted By Ngozi

Faithful supporters came out at the Cave at Cap Estate for a delightful mix of contemporary acoustics and poetry. The show hosted by Ngozi in collaborations with VPro Productions was the ultimate hang out for creatives. Pulsing sounds, guitars, violins and African drums with the sweet voice of Ngozi, along with surprise performances by poets: Black Crayon, Felicia, Dantes and more.

Well folks, if you missed it.. then you should absolutely never let that happen to you again :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010



Forever is
In every moment,
In every breath
In every thought,
In every word
Forever is
In every second,
In every minute
In every hour,
In every day

Forever is the commitment
That we will ALWAYS be together

Forever will be
In the breeze that comforts when we’re apart
In the rose’s scent that warms our hearts
In our uniqueness that bring a spark
In our memories that take us back

Forever is
In the laughter
In the tears,
In the joys
In the fears

Forever is the commitment
That we will in ALL WAYS
Be together,
In spite of the weather…

By Naomie "Ngozi" Grandison


Our Dreams,
Our Dreams desolate and suspended in air
 like the limp body of a man hanging
Our Hope,
Our Hope lynched  - whips of oppressive organization.
Our Passion,
Our Passion watered by fears, transforms to apathy.
Our Hunger,
Our Hunger perpetuated by economics inflammatory nature.

We are paranoid and suspicious of our true selves
The self that wants to hug every man
The self that wants to dig  in the sand
The self that dances to the music of our lust
The self that reassures itself to trust
The self that allows our light to burst through  skin
The self that understands  misguided ideas of sin
The self that sings, embracing the rejuvenating power of pain
The self that  flows through life’s fluctuating plane

Our Dreams,
Our Dreams replaced with an  eerie silence that clogs
Our Hope,
Our Hope crushed by the over bearing weight of fear.
Our Passion,
Our Passion flickering like a burnt out bulb, holding on to power.
Our Laughter,
Our Laughter replaced by convex smiles, vibes piercing each others character.

Aba, father, help us remember
So our minds could be brighter
So we’d write a new chapter -
Then create lasting laughter…

So let our dreams
Be watered by  imagination.
Let our hopes
Arise from the horizon, like the resurrecting  light of dawn.
Let us have a hunger for laughter,
like the baby who screams for her mothers breast.

We will scream against all forms of self forgetfulness
Until we can laugh with light…
Recreate our vision,
Resurrect OUR DREAMS!

By Naomie "Ngozi" Grandison

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am Beautiful Campaign getting started

Naomie is very excited about the Wellness Innovators"I Am Beautiful" Campaign. As an RN her experience and training  has been in  emotional health.  The campaign is named after her song "I Am Beautiful" which speaks to loving yourself as you are. The objective of the campaign is to improve self esteem and raise awareness of emotional health, sexually transmitted infections and dental care among the youth. The founding members of Wellness Innovators are herself, Ms Felicia Montoute (Dental Hygienist) and Dr Andre Matthew (General Medical Practitioner). The team hopes to share this message with the world. Please visit for more information.