Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jazz @ The Cave Hosted By Ngozi

Faithful supporters came out at the Cave at Cap Estate for a delightful mix of contemporary acoustics and poetry. The show hosted by Ngozi in collaborations with VPro Productions was the ultimate hang out for creatives. Pulsing sounds, guitars, violins and African drums with the sweet voice of Ngozi, along with surprise performances by poets: Black Crayon, Felicia, Dantes and more.

Well folks, if you missed it.. then you should absolutely never let that happen to you again :)


  1. LoVe LoVe LoVe LoVe

  2. NICE Nice.. thanks for blessing up the page man.. i feel da energy!!!!

  3. My sweet blessing of a sister...this is your season!

    Walk in it... I love you very much,

  4. Been meaning to say this with love...

    Pushing boundaries through the exploration of self, armoured with a comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to heal the human soul, Ngozi appeals to the natural law of our existence. Through her expression of self she brings forth assuredly that the best things in life come from an innate source, replicated in the intangible - a breeze, our seasons and sometimes through more tangible things like our skin.

    Touching our hearts with an acoustic harmony she slows down the pace and brings us face to face with this source, refreshing and intoxicating. You find yourself swaying to that breeze expanding, tapping into your innocence and following nature’s law of love once again.

    A precious gift bestowed onto us through her blessing- Ngozi.

    Thank you for taking the on the challenge self discovery.

    One Love

  5. My.. I am close to tears..Thanks darlin.... Can't stop smiling

  6. Love your style, you're destined to make it big!!! Your style is unique, fresh!!! I love your sound. Consider me a new and loyal fan :)

  7. I love that song. The violin gives the nudges to keep off feet and the words are just as great. Wonderful melody. Looking for more like those...

  8. Tresha.. thanks for the love. Would be nice to get your email to keep you updated..

    Dantes appreciate it :)